Professional Communication


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English Professional Communication

Question 1

The sender of a message should analyze the audience before developing the written message in order to do which of the following?Answer
Question 2

Studies indicate that we retain only about ____ percent of what we hear.Answer
Question 3

Which of the following statements regarding ethical communication is questionable?Answer
Question 4

Which of these would be a consideration in the characteristics of your audience?Answer
Question 5

To ensure that your messages are received by ____ audiences, you should put key information up front where it is easily accessible.Answer
Question 6

Which of the following sentences best expresses the receiver's point of view?Answer
Question 7

When communicating with ____ audiences, you should avoid long or complicated sentences, since this may be more difficult for them to follow and comprehend, and the use of slang, colloquial, or other idiomatic vocabulary.Answer
Question 8

Once you are confident about the organization and approach for a letter to a client, you are ready to write. The best way to begin is toAnswer
Question 9

Which of the following channels or media would be most appropriate for an organization to use in providing its employees with information about benefits, salary and work procedures?Answer
Question 10

Interpersonal communication is also known asAnswer
Question 11

Which of the following is most accurate concerning the use of instant messaging in business situations?Answer
Question 12

Text messaging on a cell phone or personal digital assistant should not be used for which of the following business messages?Answer
Question 13

To protect computer systems from e-mail viruses and hoaxes,Answer
Question 14

Web-based project softwareAnswer
Question 15

A manager is faced with having to lay off some of his staff due to financial losses that the company has suffered. Which of the following channels of communication would be MOSTappropriate for sharing this news, given the sensitive nature of the message?Answer
Question 16

An organization that wants to provide business partners with always-available information and contact should use which of the following?Answer
Question 17

A company posts information to the Web for its business partners such as vendors, suppliers, and customers that they must access by using a password. This activity illustrates use of the company’sAnswer
Question 18

When leaving a voice mail for a client concerning an upcoming meeting, you shouldAnswer
Question 19

When composing an email message,Answer
Question 20

Your intern forwards a message to you about a new computer virus that you discover is a hoax from a reliable source. What should you do?Answer
Question 21

You have been asked to provide a credit reference for a customer. Which of the following will be part of your written response?Answer
Question 22

Which of the following is recommended advice when writing an appreciation message?Answer
Question 23

Sending a sincere apology message to a customer for a serious mistake made could be consideredAnswer
Question 24

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the deductive sequence approach for a good-news message?Answer
Question 25

Claims related to product warranties, guarantees, or contractual conditions are typically ____ claims.Answer
Question 26

Ignacio is asking for a refund or a replacement for a malfunctioning DVD player; his request for the refund or replacement would be considered aAnswer
Question 27

In writing a routine claim, how would the message be structured?Answer
Question 28

Your staff has worked hard to successfully complete a project for a large advertising client. Which of the following is the best way for you to express thanks to the staff?Answer
Question 29

The strategies for structuring effective good- and neutral-news messagesAnswer
Question 30

Which of the following sentences is a good example of a beginning sentence in a favorable reply to a routine request?Answer
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Professional Communication 1

Professional Communication:
Question 21

Which of the following is true concerning what the writer should do during the preparation of an effective proposal?

Question 22

Which of the following statements is correct concerning the writing of proposals?

Question 23

Which of the following guidelines is appropriate when preparing memo and letter reports?

Question 24

Derek is writing a special short report about his findings on the attitudes of custodial employees on the job. The audience for the report is Physical Plant management for the company. Which of the following formats should Derek use?

Question 25

Which of the following is the best advice for listing objectives in a proposal?

Question 26

Which of the following is correct concerning the summary, conclusions and recommendations of a formal report?

Question 27

The executive summary in a formal report should

Question 28

A team of collaborative writers are preparing a procedures manual for the firm's employees. They have divided the writing task so that each writer is working on a different part of the manual at the same time; the team is applying

Question 29

The type of report you prepare depends on which of the following?

Question 30

An analytical report

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Professional Communication 2

Professional Communication:

Question 11

The pattern for incorporating graphs in text is

Question 12

The board of directors of your organization will meet for a luncheon next month in a suburban hotel. Because of confusion in finding the location for the last meeting, your associate has asked you to provide better directions before the upcoming meeting. What type of graphic would best convey this arrangement?

Question 13

Thomas is writing a report which contains a column (vertical) bar chart that shows last year's employee enrollment in three management training programs: conflict resolution, time management, and team building. Which of the following statements best interprets and analyzes the graph?

Question 14

Which of the following statements is correct concerning the use of graphics?

Question 15

What best determines if a graphic presentation is effective?

Question 16

Which sentence best introduces a graphic that shows the way people access an organization’s information on a website?

Question 17

Which of the following statements is correct concerning the reporting of quantitative data?

Question 18

The BEST graphic device to represent the sales of portable DVD players over the last five years, with proportionate sales reflected for four age categories each year would be a

Question 19

You need to produce a graphic for your employees that depicts the process of handling customer service complaints. Which would be your best choice?

Question 20

Which of the following sentences best introduces a graph in a written report?

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Professional Communication 3

Professional Communication:

Question 1

If your research calls for counting the number of people entering two fast-food restaurants, recording certain behavioral characteristics, and comparing those two sets of data, you would be conducting ____ research.

Question 2

A report that provides a written description of how an organization can meet the needs of another organization by providing products, services, or solutions to problems is what kind of report?

Question 3

Which of the following represents the correct sequence of steps in the problem-solving process?

Question 4

Which of the following descriptions is most valid, as it applies to accurate methods of analyzing data?

Question 5

As a result of the changing demographics in your area, your company has decided to hire those previously declared "unemployable." Your task is to educate these people to do the job. Which of the following questions will help you MOST in solving the problem?

Question 6

Which of the following is the most accurate statement concerning the use of primary and secondary research methods?

Question 7

Which of the following is a common error that MOST hinders the accurate interpretation of data?

Question 8

A report on market comparisons of tuition at state universities should follow which of the following sequences of problem-solving steps?

Question 9

Documentation of the work of others accomplishes all but which of the following?

Question 10

Which of the following statements about the Internet resources is correct?

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Professional communication quiz

Question 1
Two or three employees working on a report at the same time using an electronic whiteboard would be an example of the use of ____ software.Answer
* Question 2
As one of 11 federal agencies under the Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC must coordinate its efforts to protect citizens from epidemics with the CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security. Communications with these other agencies is an example ofAnswer
* Question 3
Intrapersonal communication occurs whenAnswer
* Question 4
Javon explains a new policy to his staff which prohibits the use of office computers for personal e-mail. Several of the employees frown at the news and one staff member makes a sarcastic remark. Steve’s staff isAnswer
* Question 5
The ____ communication channel is created by management to control individual and group behavior and to achieve the organization’s goals.Answer
* Question 6
Which of the following is true of personal space requirements?Answer
* Question 7
The single most important aspect of successful teamwork isAnswer
* Question 8
An organizational chart is a graphic representation of ____Answer
* Question 9
Many leading figures in recent corporate scandals were never convicted of a crime. Which of the following best describes their behavior:Answer
* Question 10
In a distributed leadership team environment, the role of the leader is BESTdescribed asAnswer
* Question 11
Preeti is having a business lunch with Jose to discuss the downsizing of the manufacturing plant in South America. Preeti is expecting an important call on her cell phone during the lunch and answers her phone several times. Preeti is not listening attentively to Jose because of which of the following listening problems:Answer
* Question 12
An ultimate requirement of listening for information is that the listenerAnswer
* Question 13
The purpose of a diversity initiative is toAnswer
* Question 14
Robin, task force chair, tells team member Aaron "your proposed solution to this problem is great." Robin's probable metacommunication to Aaron isAnswer
* Question 15
You are a U.S. businessperson who has just completed a successful agreement with two Japanese clients. As a gesture of friendship, you pat the shoulders of your Japanese counterparts. How are they likely to react?Answer
* Question 16
Janet tells Juan, "Don't be late for work." Janet's probable metacommunication isAnswer
* Question 17
As a student, you are concerned with making a good grade in your marketing class. However, instead of taking copious notes, you outline the major points and try to listen as much as possible. What type of listening are you engaged in?Answer
* Question 18
Which of the following is appropriate etiquette when listening?Answer
* Question 19
You are the supervisor of an employee who is very upset about the promotion of his arch rival. You call him into your office and ask him to enlighten you on the reasons he is upset. What type of listening are you engaged in?Answer
* Question 20
Shanté is a new sales representative with Sensations, Inc. She attends a regional sales meeting, followed by a reception. She converses with three new sales people and an hour later she forgets their names. This is an example of which of the following bad listening habits?Answer
* Question 21
Which of the following facts makes listening difficult?Answer
* Question 22
A survey of North American executives about the importance of listening skill in the workplace showedAnswer
* Question 23
In a team with representatives from many different departments in a company, the director of human resources makes sure that everyone in the meeting gets to talk and to be heard. The director of human resources is fulfilling which role in the team?Answer
* Question 24
Which of the following is important for U.S. business people to remember when conducting international negotiations?Answer
* Question 25
Guidelines for effective meetings includeAnswer
* Question 26
Which of the following describes the major difference between teams and groups?Answer
* Question 27
The MOST important reason for teams to utilize agendas and minutes is thatAnswer
* Question 28
Which of the following stages of team development is marked by optimal performance levels?Answer
* Question 29
You are about to conduct a formal meeting with 41 attendees in the boardroom. What guide would you use to ensure orderly communication and participation?Answer
* Question 30
Josh is a new manager whose department has experienced a lot of infighting and jealousy; he tries to reduce group competition and increase cooperation by using the ____ philosophy.Answer

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Professional English

•    Question 16

When preparing a claim message for which the answer is in question, you should

•    Question 17

Which statement best describes the appropriateness of the following product claim in a sales letter? "Viruscan is the best virus defense product available. It offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive protection for your data."

•    Question 18

A new product to reduce cholesterol is on the market, with a price that is higher than that of competitors. Where should a writer or speaker introduce price in his or her sales message?

•    Question 19

The central selling point in a persuasive message

•    Question 20

To overcome receiver resistance to a persuasive appeal, the price should be

•    Question 21

“The training session was worthwhile; it was worthwhile because employees learned to do the task correctly” is an example of which of the following techniques used for emphasis?

•    Question 22

Proofreading by reading a document aloud while another person verifies the copy is

•    Question 23

Which of the following sentences illustrates passive voice?

•    Question 24

Which of the following is true of lists in documents?

•    Question 25

Which of the following is an adequate reason for choosing passive voice?

•    Question 26

Writer's pride of ownership refers to

•    Question 27

Which of the following is the MOST effective heading in a memo report to employees?

•    Question 28

In business documents, a general rule for readability is that paragraphs normally should be

•    Question 29

Hong’s memo that describes new steps for merchandise returns should use which of the following techniques for emphasis?

•    Question 30

Which of the following sentences reflects the use of active voice?

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Professional English 1

•    Question 1

The effective opening for a bad-news message

•    Question 2

A mail order supplier has received an order for an item that would be unsuitable for the customer's needs. The supplier should

•    Question 3

You must deny a request for credit to an applicant who does not meet your company’s requirements. Using a sentence such as "You are encouraged to make cash purchases" illustrates a

•    Question 4

Which of the following is the BEST suggestion to follow when refusing a request?

•    Question 5

Jawon is a training and development manager who has been asked by a professor to speak to her class about careers in training. However, since he is currently conducting an important staff development program, his schedule is very busy, and he must refuse the request. What would be the best way to end his message?

•    Question 6

If bad news appears in the first sentence of a message, the

•    Question 7

To avoid litigation, some credit-granting companies

•    Question 8

Your employer asked you to compose a message to be sent to all job applicants who were not selected for an available sales representative position. You should

•    Question 9

Exceptions to the use of inductive approach for bad-news messages include

•    Question 10

Messages denying credit are different from other types of bad-news messages in that they

•    Question 11

Kendra is the program chair for an organization that would like permission to use a country club free of charge to host a fund-raising dinner. Which of the following sentences would be the most successful beginning sentence?

•    Question 12

•    Question 13

In a sales message, the last paragraph should

•    Question 14

Which of the following is correct concerning the outline for persuasive messages?

•    Question 15

How are effective persuasive memos different from routine memos?